Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Apartment Decorating with Anthropologie

With the summer days dwindling (nooooo!) and the school year on the horizon, I have been turning my attention to a little apartment decorating. I am so excited to finally have an apartment at school. It is the cutest place with plenty of space for my awesome roommate and I, plus it has a great location. Now, as I have mentioned before, I was a dorm kid last year so I have a lot of prep to do for this apartment here. Since I am doing so much for my apartment, it is basically all I can think (and probably blog) about. 
Does anyone else love interior design and well really just houses as much as I do? Seriously, I could spend hours looking at floorplans and peoples "dream home" boards on Pinterest. 
Anyways, I recently went on the Anthropologie website looking for a knob for my coffee table and got sucked into their wonderful world of home goods. I loved so many of their things but these are a few of my absolute favorites. The whale bookshelves put the biggest smile on my face and that rhino is just so different than anything I have ever looked at. Plus, what isn't there to love about those chalkboard kitchen canisters?

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