Friday, July 19, 2013

Fashion Friday 07.19

Happy Friday, lovelies! I am so happy it is time for the weekend because I have some big plans for myself (i'll update y'all in another post this weekend) and my shift at Talbots tonight will conclude another 65+ hour work week...yeesh! 
...So, yet again technology beats photos didn't save to blogger so I included the link to each picture on Instagram...whoops! When I get home (super late) tonight from Talbots I will re-upload them all. Sorry...guess all this working is getting to my ability to fuction haha
ain't that the truth?!?

Not much to say about Monday except that I got a super cute cardigan at Talbots and I cannot wait to wear it! Of course, the AC in my store doesn't seem to be working so I have yet to debut it...ugh.
cardigan: Old Navy // dress: TJ Maxx // earrings: J. Crew // belt: Gap // shoes: Jack Rogers

I love this principle. Quite frankly, I don't love it as much when I wear it. My momma and I call it my Pride and Prejudice dress because it is very flowy with an empire waist and really, if you added some sleeves and took it from tea length to full length, it would work for the time period. Also, I watch the Colin Firth P&P...he's a much better Darcy than that guy in Keira Knightly's version.
dress: Banana Republic // necklace: Fornash // shoes: no idea...pretty old

As mentioned before, it is basically a sauna in Talbots. I have to be work appropriate, but I really don't want anything heavy. This outfit was perfect with the flowy top and lightweight white jeans. Also, did you catch my piggy bank post?
top: Michael Kors // jeans: Talbots // shoes: J. Crew // nail polish: Essie Watermelon

I came home last night from work and found my fan fringe necklace had been delivered! I am so excited that I finally have it. I wear such basic outfits every day so it's nice to be able to change it up with a fun piece!
top: Gap // skirt: Target // necklace: Apple of my Eye Jewelry (via Very Jane) // shoes: Jack Rogers 

stay tuned for a weekend update!


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