Monday, February 2, 2015

A Frugal Four Weeks

Do you know why this February is such a great month? It's not because there is more discount chocolate on February 15th than any other time of the year, though that does make February a pretty great month in my book. February being 28 days means that it is the perfect length for a 1 month challenge. 4 weeks, that is all it takes to make a change in your habits and your life. Not only is February the perfect length for one of these challenges, but this year it started on a Sunday, so it is 4 perfect weeks. I realize that this little detail is not going to excite most people, but I found it really exciting. Personally, I am going to embark on a spending freeze for the month.
BYOC: Bring Your Own Coffee
There are some rules for mine, though, because I recognize that saying I am going to spend $0 for 28 days will result in starving myself and getting evicted...

What I Can Spend Money On
Rent and Utilities
School Supplies
Personal Hygiene (i.e. Shampoo)
$10/Week for Beverages

What I Cannot Spend Money On
Items I Want, but Don't Need
Eating Out
Extra Grocery Items (i.e. macarons)

Okay, so there are quite a few items in the "Can Spend" column, but they are there for a reason. I don't purchase those things every day, and I will be more aware of the money I do spend in those categories. The "$10 for Beverages" covers coffee meetings or getting a drink at a bar with my friends because I still highly value those experiences with friends, however, I am withdrawing the money from the bank today and I will be using only the $40 cash I withdraw on these expenses.

Has anyone else ever done a spending freeze before? How did it go? What is your February goal going to be?


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