Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Five: Vacations

This has been a fun week of getting back to blogging. I went home last night for a little escape from school and, of course, to see my dog. Sometimes we all just need a little vacation, or a stay-cation if you don't have the time to get away. I love going to school just a couple of hours away from home because it means that I can come home for a home-cooked meal or meet Momma halfway for dinner on a regular basis. Remind me again why I want to move away after college? (just kidding...)

Links I Love...

Good news, the person people who deflated the Patriots' footballs has confessed.

Most trip guides focus on all the places you should go on vacation, but this entertaining guide tells you what destinations you should avoid.

As someone who is a bit more on the short side, I prefer heels, but this is a nice rule of thumb if you're ever deciding between heels or flats.

Who said school supply shopping is only for kids?

Everyone needs an easy and delicious dessert recipe to bring to a party.

Have a great weekend!


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