Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pretending It Isn't Cold Outside

It. Is. So. Cold.
I mean seriously, I thought I lived in Virginia not New England! That being said, I would rather be down here where it is cold, but at least I don't have to dig myself out of snow every day. Yesterday I spent some time planning my Spring Break outfits and looking at all the looks from Fashion Week and I am so ready for warmer weather. The reality though, is that I am going to be dealing with this weather for a while longer, so I am coming up with a list of ways to "beat the cold." I could list all the ways to stay warm, but I am hoping you have already figured that out, so these are ways to try to get around the cold weather funk.

One: Leggings under Tights
I used to do the double tights thing, but that was pretty uncomfortable when they rub together. Instead I am wearing a pair of workout leggings under my tights to protect me a bit more from the cold. You can wear whatever leggings you want, but I would recommend avoiding cotton or ones with stitching patterns you will see through the tights. Seriously though, I am so happy to just not be wearing pants today that this was a total mood-changer.

Two: Hot Beverages
Hot chocolate calories don't count when you shiver as much as I am right now. Don't leave the house without a warm cup in your hands, it'll keep your hands warm and you get to feel warm inside while you sip your cocoa/tea/coffee. Having a wine night with your girls? Why not do a spiked cider or coffee? I mean, my apartment is so drafty that I really don't want to drink a glass of chilled anything.

Three: Spring Cleaning
Clean out your wardrobe from everything you haven't worn all winter. Plus, this will make room for all the pretty things you'll be adding to your closet! Then, you can sell the stuff and buy new clothes for spring with that money...or just buy spring clothes regardless of the money you make because now you have space for them!

Four: Flowers
There are so many pretty flowers in season this time of year. I mean, it may not feel like they're in season, but trust me, they are. I got some beautiful hydrangea at Trader Joe's yesterday and they had a beautiful display of tulips, too!

Five: Check Another City's Weather
This seemed like a good idea...until I checked Anchorage, Alaska's weather and it is warmer than Charlottesville, VA! Blacksburg is colder, so you can check there...unless you live there (sorry friends and brothers).

Stay Warm and just remember SPRING IS COMING


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