Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Friday Five

My new favorite part of weekend mornings is starting the day with a "progressive breakfast" with Logan. She and I are both early risers on the weekend and it is such a great chance to catch up with her. We start off with a trip to Bodo's for a bagel and after we finish that, we meander over to Shenandoah Joe's for a coffee and chat. With college winding down, I am really starting to value the little things and experiences I have here, knowing that there is limited time left. Also, I picked up my cap and gown yesterday so I am feeling extra sentimental.

Are you participating in a February challenge or Spring Break diet? Here are some really good tips to change your habits.

I know that restaurant food can be unhealthy, but this is crazy!

Hockey fights are significant to the sport and this is a great article by an enforcer on an NHL team.

I love effortless chic style and this article that tells you the 8 pieces you need in your closet to achieve it.

Evidently D.W. was the sassiest little sister ever and I definitely said stuff like this to my brothers sometimes...oops!


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