Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back-To-School: Le Pen and Russell+Hazel

School is coming and therefore school supply shopping (aka my favorite time of the year) is upon us. If you are like me, you already know exactly what supplies and what brands you are buying. Good for you, nothing screams Type-A like needing school supplies to be specific brands and colors. That being said, if you're looking for some new brands to try out or you have no idea what to get, let me introduce you to my favorite pen brand and basically, my favorite school supply...aside from my macbook.
Some of you may have noticed my Le Pens in Instagram posts before, but if you haven't they are these adorable, bright colored pens that bring my planner and school notes to life (when I don't type them). These pens write incredibly smoothly and they don't completely bleed through the pages. Mackenzie Horan sells them in her shop, but I went for the big multicolor pack on Amazon
What do I write with these beautiful pens. I use them in my planner, notes, and for my to-do list. On that note, I got a new to-do list notepad at The Container Store the other day and I am absolutely obsessed with it. Instead of crossing things off my list, I now put a check mark in the little bubble at the end of the line. It might sound less rewarding, but I am good with the check mark for now. My momma actually got the Russell + Hazel Planner while we were there and it is super cute as well. If you are still stumped on a planner because you have certain needs for how the categorization is broken down, I highly recommend this build-your-own planner they design. She can use as many notes sheets as she wants and since it's a little binder, everything is removable!
Plus, the Russell and Hazel website is 25% off through labor day! How cute is this keychain? I think I might get it for my keys this year at school!

What is your favorite back-to-school supply?



  1. I like that planner! May have to get that one..i am in desperate need of a new agenda and my Lilly Pulitzer one from last year wasn't very sturdy.

  2. I hear so much about Le Pens! What is so great about it? Is it just that they are colorful or do they write much better than other pens? I need to try them out!


  3. Love that planner- it looks so useful! And those colored pens look great, so perfect for color coating assignments and different things to do.