Wednesday, August 20, 2014

LBB: Little Brown Bag

Being in college often means that you're purse collection consists of the crossbody you bring to bars and the tote you carry to class. There just really isn't a need for a collection that is much bigger than that. However, this summer I was getting a bit tired of not having a staple purse to carry with me and worrying that my orange purse clashed with my outfits.
Then of course, I hopped on Pinterest and knew exactly what I was looking for in a purse. I decided to go with a light brown/dark tan purse because it can be used for more than just a season and it can go with anything. Personally, I love structured bags so when I found one at H&M I knew that it was the bag for me, but there are so many other options out there that fit in anyone's budget.



  1. Love this post, I'm looking for a bag to add to my college girl bag collection of a cross body, north face backpack, and my long champ tote. This camel color is what I'm looking for too!


  2. Love these bags! Erin, I was wondering if you read blogs and if so, are there any you like to follow?