Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Truth About My Instagram

A couple of weeks ago there was an article written by someone with a fashion Instagram account that outed all of us as faking our pictures. The article made me giggle the entire time I read it and by the time a second friend had shared it with me, I knew I definitely owed it to my readers to come out. So, it's true: My Instagram and I are not one in the same. 
A couple of months ago while snapchatting with one of my grandlittles, she said "you're so glamorous" and what was my reaction? I laughed, oh, if only she knew how many pictures I took to get that one post... So today, I am going to share some of my thoughts on my Instagram pics, please still follow along and try not to judge me, we all like pretty things, right? Here it is:
What it Looks Like I Instagrammed vs. What I Actually Instagrammed
What it looks like: Oh, I'm just casually planning my life with my cute pens and washi tape, but of course I can't do that until my nails dry. Don't you just love this color and how it happens to be a great pink to the green of my Kate Spade agenda?
What it actually is: Hey, it's August 1st which means I need to put up a shot of my planner to signify the beginning of the month and I am blogging about my new planner today, so it's a convenient segway. I have yet to use that cute washi tape in my planner, but I swear that I plan to use it. Oh, and I painted my nails this color the night before, they actually don't need to dry. And that neutral white background? Yeah, it's computer paper #classy
What it looks like: Don't mind me. Just casually snapping a pic of my double dirty, skim, light ice iced chai in the parking lot as I rush off to do important things, hence needing the two shots of espresso. And isn't it convenient that I am holding the cup in the hand with the cute bracelet?
What it actually is: I am 100% embarrassed trying to take this picture. Notice that I am standing on a white parking line? That's because I am hiding between my car and the car next to me to take it. Oh and this $6 Starbucks drink, yeah, I only get it when I have a free reward. I'm probably not running off to anything important, in fact, I think I was on my way to Target (typical). Also, this is a loose shirt that I pulled a little tighter because otherwise you couldn't really see my shorts/I look debatably pregnant from that angle. I had to retake this picture tie on the wrist (this happens much more often than I'd like to admit)
What it looks like: Hehe I am having so much fun tanning in my cute bikini while drinking a Chick-Fil-A peach milkshake, which I only got because it was National Peach Day. Either that or I am totally confident in my body image so I am happy to drink a 500 calorie milkshake in a bikini.
What it actually is: I don't care about consuming calories in a bikini, but it's not because I have Kanye West-sized ego/confidence. Honestly, I will consume a peach milkshake any day, in any outfit, and I actually definitely got another milkshake with my brothers later that week...I don't need an excuse to buy one. This is actually an overcast day, so tanning wasn't really happening and I am using my towel to cover the rest of my body because I am a bit chilly. Oh and the reason I went outside to post this in the first place was to point out that Marley Lilly bathing suits were 50% off, and that it was in fact, National Peach Day.
What it looks like: I have the perfect display of snacks, schoolwork, and leisure activities on my blanket as I study outside. Let's get down to business to kick Finals butts!
What it actually is: It was too bright to see my laptop with the glare of the sun, so promptly after staging this entire photo, I packed up and moved to the Chi O house to study with friends. In fairness to me, I had actually intended to study outside. There is also the chance that the peach tea got warm sitting in the sun as I took a stupidly high number of photos to get this shot.
What it looks like: A morning walk on the beach ends while standing at the water's edge. While taking a photo of my feet (I do a lot of those...), the foamy water just happened to be perfectly timed inches away from my toes. How can you not instagram timing like that?
What it actually is: The ocean is much less cooperative than I had anticipated and I was losing my patience waiting for a good wave. Though, yes, this was taken after a nice walk on the beach. And what do we think about the placement of the sandals and the way I was holding them? I tried this photo with them in several positions to see which was best.
What it looks like: Just going on a casual walk with Luther and I got this cute shot right after he came out of the lake. He and I love walking and staying in shape in a sort of outdoorsy way. I love when he gives me that cute little doggy glance, and I am so glad that I get to spend this time with him. Isn't he just the cutest?
What it actually is: Yes, I love walking with my dog, but that's about the only real thing about this shot. Luther, look at the darn camera, no seriously. And do these loose running shorts make me look fat? Is there a way to make me look less fat in them?

Okay, so now you know.



  1. Ok this post had me cracking up the entire time! Wish every blog I follow would do this. I miss you, hope you have an amazing start to senior year! --Blake :)

  2. Oh my goodness, this post is so funny, I have so many of the same probs when taking pictures! And the last one with your dog is so cute!

  3. This awesome post just convinced me TO follow your instagram account!