Monday, February 25, 2013

Prettier, Smarter, Funnier, Younger.

There is always going to be someone prettier, smarter, funnier, and younger than you. I call them my littles. TSM
Yes, this is a post dedicated to being a big. As I have mentioned before, I am a transfer student this year and one of the only things that has been consistent for me is Chi Omega. I joined at my old school and I re-affiliated here so I now I get to network with a whole new group of sisters and start my own family! I absolutely love my chapter at my new school, I was really worried about it when I was transferring because I had heard that sometimes transferring chapters wasn't very smooth, but I could not be happier here.  From my first impression of Chi O meeting Lindsay for coffee to touring the house (which I love) with Sarah, I knew I was home.  There was only one thing missing, my family.  To be honest, my big kind of stopped talking to me and I was feeling a bit lost without that bond.  Then all of the sudden, I get not just one, but two perfect littles.  Getting the phone call from our pledge mom was beyond exciting.  I burst into my friend's room freaking out so much she thought something was wrong and literally couldn't fall asleep that night. These girls are amazing and I am so blessed to start my family with them here. 
Big Sis Week was crazy busy for me, but it was totally worth it.  Of course, Emily caught me leaving her room the first day (not smooth, Erin, not smooth at all) but I had Meghan fooled through Friday when I revealed to them that they were twins.  How did I reveal that they were twins? With monogrammed bows that I made, naturally.  I have actually had several suggestions to name my family the monogram fam...wonder why.  

traditional standing above them pic...yeah, I am up on a bench #ShortGirlProblems

How cute are my chapter's letters? Lilly makes everything better!

I love my littles. They are the best. Okay, thanks for bearing with me while I gush!


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