Monday, February 4, 2013

Like Mother, Like Daughter

In case you ever wondered where my love of shopping and fashion comes from, just look in my momma's closet(s). Seriously, I come by it honestly. When we moved over winter break, our wardrobes probably accounted for a quarter of the move alone. I don't think that the men of the house had any appreciation for how much we had prior to this break, honestly, I don't think we even realized it. Why am I mentioning this? Today I am wearing a new shirt. Well it's new to me, actually technically it was totally new since it still had the tags on it, but my momma is definitely the one who bought it and somehow it ended up with my stuff and I liked the ruffles so I kept it. I mean, it isn't like she is going to miss it! She has great taste and I can't wait to have a big girl job one day and get to dress all business-y like her haha. (Please note: when I say she has good taste, that excludes her poofy, 80s fashion wedding dress and hair...though the lace detailing is gorgeous) Anyways, I am thankful to my momma for my fashion sense, I am also thankful we are the same size. Some people say we are the same person, but that is just because we look, sound, and act alike...okay yeah, we are pretty similar. There is no one I'd rather be compared to than her though. If people tell you that you're similar to the person you look up to the most, you must be doing something right.
Top: Momma (Lord and Taylor probably?) // Jeans: Gap // Watch: NY&Co. // Shoes: TJ Maxx


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