Monday, April 28, 2014

Late April Showers

Oh wow, what a weekend I had. Foxfield was on Saturday, and if you have texted me since, I probably didn't get it seeing as I have to go pick my phone up from their office today (THANK YOU to the nice stranger who turned it in!). I had such an amazing time with my friends at the races, but a long day in the sun tuckered me out and I have been laying low since then. Oh, and studying. Foxfield comes at the perfect time because it is right before finals are upon us and instead of just meandering into the library in the evenings with Meghan and others, we are going to start having to compete for a table...
As much as I dread finals, I am looking forward to Beach Week and the summer that comes right after it. Right now though, instead of dreaming about the water in the ocean, we are about to face some water from the skies. Yeah, finals season is going to start with some rain, not that it's the worst thing in the world, but I could use a little sunshine in my life this time of year (and apparently a new umbrella...)
Dressing for rain storms in the summer is about striking that balance between heat and humidity, the need for rain boots, and still trying to look cute. Personally, I don't think a little rain should stop anyone from dressing how they want to, and dressing for rain in warmer weather just means trading your jeans or and sweater in for a sundress or shorts and a blouse. I have worn shorts with my rain boots, but normally I am more comfortable wearing a sundress, of course, that is a personal preference.

Happy Finals Season!


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