Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kate Spade Keds DIY

A college girl's budget is hard to shop on. It means learning how to bargain hunt like a professional and what is worth spending money on. Jack Rogers? Worth it...oh and did I mention they're on sale on Last Call right now? I am talking I just spent like $65 and got two pairs of them...yeah, two. Follow this link to get the gift card and you can save extra money by entering the code "BestMom" at the living social checkout and enjoy!
Okay, back to this post...
I am definitely on a budget and that budget does not include $75 Kate Spade Keds (similar)...even if they are totally adorable and covered in polka dots.

Well, all I could do was think about them and then one day when I was in Target (my happy place), I got an idea. Why don't I just make my own Kate Spade Keds? So for less than $20...yes TWENTY...I made my own pair and I couldn't be happier! (aka I got 2 pairs of Jack Rogers and a cute pair of sneakers all for the price of the original Keds)
What Do You Need:
White Keds or flat sneakers (mine are from Target)
Gold Fabric Pen
Tissue Paper

How To:
1. Stuff the tissue or newspaper inside the shoe and try to pack it in there. It is much easier to draw on the shoe and apply pressure if there is a solid backing to it.
2. Take the laces out of your shoes so that you can color that part of the shoe too.
3. Add polka dots to the shoe.
This part is totally a personal preference thing. If you are not confident in your ability to draw a circle, trace the end of the pencil with the gold pen and then color inside that circle (this can take a while...I was trying to hold the pencil in my was a hot mess). I personally freehanded the circles and the spacing, but I totally understand if you don't want to! Also, make sure that the color paint is what you are looking for. I did these last night with one pen and when I remembered that I had a gold paint pen, I re-did them this morning and I am so happy I did!
left is the new gold, right pen was more yellow
4. Add the laces back in and rock the shoes!

Seriously, this was such an easy DIY. I think I finished them first time in an hour and for so much less than I would've paid for the original Keds.

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  1. You are soooo creative! I saw these shoes on you yesterday and they are darling:) Great job baby girl, love the new look of the blog! xoxo momma