Friday, April 11, 2014

Five On Friday: Relay and More

Happy Relay For Life Friday! Today is the day! We have prepped and raised money all year and today is the big event! I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization and I am so proud of our accomplishments this year. Before I go any further, you should come out tonight for at least a few hours. We have tons of music, food, and other performances and all the money goes to fighting cancer! That being said, here is today's Five on Friday:
I realized that I somehow never blogged about this. I guess I was so busy doing Relay stuff in my "real" life that it slipped my mind to include anything on my blog. I Relay in honor of Grandmama, Lauren, Sandy, and Olivia. I Relay in memory of Linda, my Grandfather, and sadly, I am adding Toss Cline to my list this week as he lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday. Mr. Cline was a beloved teacher at my High School and the community will miss him dearly.
I also just relay for a world with more birthdays. Let's fight to blow out those candles every year and to have the word "cancer" be a thing of the past.

I have posted the Gilmore Girls "Which Guy" quiz before, but this just solidifies that Logan is the greatest. And if you're a Jess lover, there is a list for him too. He is pretty great, I'll give you that, but I will always choose Logan over Jess. Oh, and if you prefer Dean...who are you? no...

Did you miss the Rue La La sale the first time around? Looking for some cute desk accessories or gifts? Well RueLaLa is having a Lilly accessories sale at 3pm and I am sure they will have lots of goodies for you to swoon over!

4) How to Jump a Car

Huge shoutout to Christy for helping me jump my car on Sunday. I had never actually jumped a car before because I have AAA so keeping this little guide on hand is worthwhile. Thank you Pinterest (typical).

I love hiking and being outdoors this time of year (note: I said nothing about camping...). I love spending a day hiking, eating lunch, or, as finals season rolls around, studying outside. It is that perfect time of year for these adventures because it still isn't too hot to spend the day outside around here. Oh, and Shenandoah National Park is featured on this list...yay for my home state!
Bonus: 2048
Since this is probably the best way to describe why I've been MIA, I figure I should include it. I have since beaten both the regular and UVA edition of this game so I should probably be back to blogging full-time ;) oh and hint for this game: keep the big number in the corner!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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