Saturday, April 19, 2014

22 by 22 is Halfway There!

Happy Easter Weekend! I hope everyone is having a great weekend, I am with my family at Wintergreen for the weekend which is just the escape from school I needed. Not only is it Easter weekend, but today is my half birthday! I don't normally care about this, but it is the halfway point on my journey to completing my 22 by 22 list and I still have a lot of stuff to check off. I am not actually halfway through my list, but I have definitely checked off a few items have plans for how to check out a few more! For those of you who aren't familiar with my 22 by 22 list, here is the original list:
1) Get in Shape
2) Read 13 Books Just for Fun
3) Feel Like I've Made a Difference in my Community 
4) Manage Money and Balance my Budget for the Rest of the Year
5) Hold a Conversation in Spanish with a Native Speaker
6) Learn to Fly Fish
7) Consign Old Clothing
8) Figure Out My Favorite Big Girl Drink
9) Get a Pajama Set
10) Develop A Daily Routine
11) Host a Dinner Party
12) Spend a Day Downtown
13) Hike Old Rag
14) Read Anna Karenina
15) Make Ten Pinterest/Online Recipes
16) Snail Mail Correspondence
17) Make Business Cards
18) Blog 4/times a Week
19) Raise $1000 for Relay For Life
20) Make an At-Home Face Mask
21) Visit a Friend at a Different College
22) Put $10 in Savings Every Time I Check Something Off and Invest It in Something I Want for my 22nd Birthday

If you go to the 22 by 22 page, you will find how I have progressed so far, but here are some of the items I am planning to check off in the coming weeks!
2) Read 13 Books Just for Fun:
I am going to need to relax a bit this week after such a hectic week last week and this is just the way to do it! My momma brought a couple of selections to the house this weekend and I can't wait to dive into one or two of them
10) Develop A Daily Routine:
I basically have a daily routine, but I anticipate it getting pretty regular this week in preparation for finals coming up!
16) Snail Mail Correspondence:
I keep meaning to write a letter to Cat (my best friend who lives in Colorado) and I have the stationary for it...
20) Make an At-Home Face Mask:
What better way to relax this week than by trying an at-home spa day? I am totally turning to Pinterest for this one...

Do you have one of these lists? How is your progress going? Also, thanks to those of you who emailed me your Five on Friday responses!


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