Friday, February 7, 2014


Y'all, the olympics are here! Big surprise, this girl is super excited. However, I think this might be the first year that I am not totally bummed that I'm here in Charlottesville and not in the Olympic host city. Call me crazy, but I prefer my doors to have handles, flush toilet paper when I use the bathroom, and to have water that actually looks like water. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, today's post will answer your question, and feature some links to other articles so that you are all ready to watch the games when the Olympic Opening Ceremonies finally broadcast at 7pm...8 hours after they actually happen...

This. Is. Absolutely. Crazy. I mean, seriously, how is this possible. I would understand a last minute construction project or two, maybe, but these problems are absurd. You have to read/see it to believe it. Personally, I think it's hilarious, but I get to go to bed in one that isn't too small for me and in a room with lights.

I chose this pic, because most of y'all will be confused
when he appears clean-shaven this week
He says it's because the course doesn't seem safe. Well, Torah Bright of Australia is competing in all three snowboarding events and she's still competing. Could he be backing out because he is not the favorite? That seems to be what most people involved in the snowboard community think, and based on some of the stuff they said in Vancouver, I wouldn't be too surprised...

rock those spectacles, Bob
Oh hey, Sochi Problems, long time no see. Yeah, our boy Bob has pink eye...maybe that's what's in the water 

4) Olympic Hockey
That Canadian roster is scary good, y'all. Quite frankly, hockey is a hard event to predict because the whole thing can be thrown off early by a rogue game. We're talking March Madness type upsets...however, it does make for some exciting games. Also, injuries have plagued some of these rosters so it is worth taking a second look to see if your favorites are still playing or if they were added. I'm gonna be cheering the US boys (obviously), especially my Washington Capital, John Carlson. Of course, I'll pull for the other caps in their respective games as well. Oh, and owners, I realize it isn't ideal, but we want to see the best of the best out there on that ice come Olympic season every four years.

they look legit...
Well, apparently there have been quite a few serious security threats. Something to keep in mind here is that many big events have threats. Honestly, I think it just kind of plays into the general lack of organization people seem to be experiencing. 

Despite this list, I am still pretty stinking jealous that I'm not in Sochi. I don't care what the conditions are like, I WANNA BE THERE. Are you excited for the best two weeks of every two years?!?!

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  1. Ahhhh Bob Costas with his Pink Eye is just gross. I realize it is the olympics, and he can't exactly call in sick, but dude, maybe no filming his face? Just his voice? Is that too much to ask?