Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lookin' Fine, Valentine

First of all, I am sorry the title is punny and rhymes...I couldn't resist. Do you have a hot date for Valentine's Day? Good for you. Are you single for the big day? Well then, plan an evening of wine and chocolate fondue and a rom-com, at least that's what my friends and I are doing. Oh, and there's a party for a friend turning 21 at honestly, I could care less that I'm single for this Hallmark Holiday (that I have mixed feelings about anyways). Regardless of what your relationship status is, here are some outfit ideas to encompass whatever your holiday plans are, from a night on the couch to a fabulous meal at that restaurant downtown everyone wants to go to.

Casual Night In
Take the night off to enjoy yourself. Grab a blanket, chick flick, and some snacks and enjoy your night! You can even make a girls night out of this. Seriously, I'm talking face masks and Spice Girls sing alongs like you're in the sixth grade again.

Casual Date or Casual with Friends
Here is a more low-key outfit that encompasses any plans you might have for the day/night. There are some touches of red, but nothing overwhelming. Also, totally picked this sweater because of the "lobster" and my FRIENDS obsession. Sorry not sorry. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check it out.

Date Night
Oh la la, is your boy taking you out? Well then, break out the dress and pumps. I love this red dress and you can never go wrong with a statement pearl necklace. Have fun on your hot date. Oh, and if you think he's proposing, don't eat that cake too fast ;) #DontSwallowYourRing

Night Out On the Town
Do you have other plans for the evening? Well then, you are free to wear whatever you want. Here is an outfit that incorporates a touch of red to acknowledge the holiday, but nobody wants to be single around another single person obsessing over the day. Keep it understated and have a great time! I realize this might be more conservative than what most of y'all will wear out, but this is me who is making the set and totally reflects what I'm planning on wearing that night. Put on a sparkly shirt and some heels to dress this look up, but please stay warm...there is nothing hot about being a shivering mess waiting in line to get into the bar.

What are you planning to wear for Valentine's Day?


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  1. I will totally be rocking that casual night in look! My hardest choice will be what to watch on Netflix, and that is a-okay by me! #RockinTheSingleLife