Thursday, February 6, 2014


This weather just cannot make up it's mind. And you know what? I am tired of wearing my Eddie Bauer down coat everywhere. Today is nice enough to get away with layering, though. If you scroll through my Instagram outfits, you'll probably see that I am a big fan of the shirt/sweater combo.
It's just really comfy and cozy, which can be nice in a drafty room or a giant lecture hall that pumps in AC no matter what the outside temperature is. You can honestly layer an outfit in so many different ways and it can completely change the mood of the outfit. Today I am wearing my "Heart and Soul" Old Navy sweatshirt, but some simple outfit changes makes it look much more chic than it really is. 
layered by sugarsnappearls
Here are a couple of tricks for comfortable layering:
1) Make sure that each layer can be seen. It might not seem important, but just a small sleeve cuff to show off the button up under your sweater can change how it looks. It also shows off that you're layering, not gaining weight.
2) Pick thin layers. I don't generally wear a heavy button up under a sweater, just in case it is warm wherever I'm going. I also like to wear sleeveless blouses under heavy wool sweaters sometimes because it can get pretty toasty.
3) Check the fit of each layer. If you wear a loose layer on the bottom and a fitted layer above it, you will be uncomfortable. It's not that you can't wear a loose bottom layer, but make sure that the upper layer(s) are loose as well so you don't get awkward bunching or an uncomfortable fit.

How do you layer your outfits?


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