Sunday, February 23, 2014

Digital Magazines

There is nothing better than having a good start to your day. A good breakfast or a lazy morning in bed is just what the doctor orders on a Sunday to unwind before the crazy week ahead. Recently, I decided to subscribe to a couple of magazines via Amazon because I was tired of spending $4.00 an issue at the grocery store when I wanted to read it. When I purchased Vogue and Glamour, I also got the iPad digital version of the magazine. I was hesitant to do this because there is just something that I really love about reading print editions of magazines and books, even though I do have some on my iPad. However, I am so glad that I elected to download the digital version of this magazine, too!
Digital magazines are becoming really popular, in fact Carly Heitlinger of The College Prepster helped to start Sweet Lemon Magazine a couple years ago, an exclusively digital magazine, and Net-A-Porter recently launched a digital magazine as well. Though I thought this was a cool concept, I didn't realize how many benefits there would be for magazines that I already read in print. The digital version of these magazine has offered more interaction and insight to the issue than ever before. There are great iPad exclusives including behind-the-scenes videos and more photos than are in the print edition, the magazine really comes to life on my iPad. Plus, you can instantly read what you want by just tapping on the various links on different pages.
Personally, I still like to flip through the whole thing because I love looking at ads for designer items that I can only afford in my dreams. Nothing can ever trump flipping through a magazine and hanging up the pictures on my wall. Did anyone else do this when they were younger? Like I had both sides of my closet doors covered in different fashion shots and ads from magazines that I would carefully tear out whenever I was done reading it.
And you know what, I can still do that because I get the print edition too. Although, now that I am older and there is really nowhere in my room that I want to hang up a bunch of magazine pages, I am thinking of making an inspiration folder to put these pages in.

What are your favorite magazines? Does anyone else get magazines delivered to their iPad, too?


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  1. Oh, yes! I still scrapbook outfits, home decor, hairstyles, etc., that I like! I have notebooks full of that stuff, plus many dedicated folders on my computer! Digital copies are great for a quick burst of inspiration, but I just love having hard copies of it in books I can flip through any time. Glad to know I'm not the only one who still does this!