Wednesday, February 26, 2014

From America with Love

This Alex and Ani craze reminds me of those rubber Livestrong-esque bracelets that characterized part of my wardrobe in late elementary school. Do you remember this trend? Seriously, I had to have had like 20 of these bracelets that I would pile on my wrists before school every day because it was just the thing to do.
Fortunately, these Alex and Ani bracelets are chic and will not cause your wrists to sweat and never see the light of day like the piles of rubber bracelets. Honestly, I thought Alex and Ani had some cute products and I liked their designs, but I never thought about actually investing in any of their pieces. I don't really like charms and I prefer for my bracelets to be tighter on my wrists when I am going to class, but now I hooked on these bracelets.
The simple designs of Alex and Ani products allow you to express yourself in a subtle way. Think of it like a grown up charm bracelet, but instead of adding charms, you can add bangles to your chic arm party. Personally, I started with one of their really simple "Sacred Stud" bangles, but I am already coveting some other pieces. It's not about whether or not I believe that a bracelet will give me good luck, but it's nice to look down at my bracelet and think "Strength. Motivation. Knowledge." because sometimes that is just the reminder I need.
So, here is what I would get if I were to make a "charm stack" of these bracelets. Of course, there are tons of other options, so y'all should stop by your local store or check out their website to find bracelets that speak to you!
the first one I bought, the symbol is
"path of life"
Chi Omega
Claddagh Charm: it matches my ring!
October's Birthstone: the Opal
would it be complete without including my favorite team?
lost something? say a little prayer
buy this and some of the proceeds go to fight cancer,
plus this is a great life motto.
These have no meaning, I just think they make a great stack addition
Do you have any Alex and Ani? What is your favorite bracelet?


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  1. I have the claddagh and a "R"! They look great stacked with my watch, or alone for a more casual look. My current favorite on my "to buy" list is either the anchor or the lobster!