Monday, February 24, 2014

Monogrammed Shirts for the Monogram Fam

On Saturday, the Monogram Fam got two new members! Welcome to the family, Eliza and Savannah. I feel a bit old now that I'm a grandbig, but I love how my family has grown.
last pic with the twins being the littlests!
the stack is bigger!
all of us together
I actually named my family here the Monogram Fam last year (at Virginia Tech it was the Blackout Fam) because I love monograms and gave my littles several monogrammed items throughout the week, so it just makes sense. Plus, it's an excuse to buy monogrammed goods, like...
they look much more neon in this pic than they actually are
these fabulous monogrammed shirts from Alicia Beam on Etsy. Seriously, these shirts are so cute and the shop owner was so helpful. The thing with getting the newest members of the family is that the turn around is pretty quick. I ordered these shirts on Sunday night and they were at my door on Thursday for no extra charge. She was so professional and helpful and now my family has adorable matching shirts that fit our family name.
Welcome to the monogram fam, littlests! We love you both and are so excited to have you!


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  1. We made the same printed letters for our bid day this year!!!