Friday, February 21, 2014

I Was Stuck in Colder Weather

Sorry I have been MIA. I don't have a good excuse, but I promise to try to be better. I really need to just get my ducks in a row and I have been floundering a bit these past few weeks. Maybe I will blame it on the cold weather getting me down, it's hard wearing a parka every day ;)
Here is an Instagram roundup of some of my outfits from the past few weeks though. I cannot believe this weather right now, but I am definitely not complaining. I love not wearing my, I really love not having to lug that around every day. Enjoy this Fashion Friday and don't forget to tune into the USA v. Canada hockey game at noon...time to get redemption for the women's team's heartbreaking overtime loss yesterday! Oh, and today's outfit comes courtesy of my brother, Kyle, thanks for the Rowdy Gentleman shirt!
shirt: J. Crew // necklace: Loft (old) // earrings: Kate Spade
all J. Crew: cardigan // shirt // bracelet (old)
shirt: J. Crew // earrings: Kate Spade
shirt: Lilly Pulitzer // necklace: Purple Peridot
shirt: J. Crew // pants: C. Wonder // shoes: C. Wonder //
necklace: Loft (old)
shirt: not sure // vest: momma // necklace: The Lucky Knot //
bracelet: Laila Rowe (old)
shirt: Old Navy // sweatshirt: Old Navy // vest: J. Crew //
necklace: Purple Peridot
jacket: J. Crew // shirt: H&M // jeans: Gap // boots: Etienne Aigner

Of course today is Friday and that means it is Fan Friday with Venus Trapped in Mars. And this could not be more perfect because today is a rematch of the gold-medal game from 2010. For some people (myself included), that is still a sore spot and makes this game even that much more important. Tune in at noon today to watch the game and cheer for the United States. You don't know anything about hockey? That's okay, just cheer for the red, white, and blue! And, I realize not everyone is from America, but I have to show some American Pride today.
If you want to know more about the game, here are some links to get you up to speed:
What does this game mean to the US team?
Game Preview
Top 5 USA v Canada games of all time
Yesterday's Overtime Loss for the US Women's Team


Venus Trapped in Mars

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  1. Every single one of your outfits is adorable. I think I love the old navy with jcrew vest the best though :) And now I'm going to go be sad since USA lost :(