Monday, February 17, 2014

Kate and Kendra

I've been MIA, sorry y'all. Honestly the snow days combined with my love of Netflix and the need to do homework kind of trumped everything this week. Oh, and Olympic Hockey, that trumped, to the point where I will skip a class to watch the game on Wednesday if I need to #dedication #america (sorry not sorry for those hashtags).
Back to slightly more feminine topics though, like, earrings. I used to exclusively wear my pearl studs and necklace. And when I say exclusively, I mean constantly, as well. Even now, I am known to include a simple strand of pearls in an outfit that looks more appropriate for a gym. However, this year, I have really started to branch out with my jewelry as a way to express myself and change up outfits. I love statement necklaces, and I am learning to like statement earrings as well. There are so many places you can seek out earrings that fit this description, but I chose to just highlight a couple of designers whose earrings I always love!
Kate Spade makes some great earrings that fit into this category. I absolutely love my two pairs of them and look forward to gradually growing my collection. The price isn't that bad, especially if you get them on sale. For example, I just got a pair on clearance for $19 with free shipping, you can't beat a deal like that!
Kendra Scott is also an amazing jewelry designer, with her simple statement pieces that utilize colored stones for a more earthy and relaxed look. Personally, I don't own any of her earrings, but I have so many friends who do and I really want to get my hands on a pair. Her earrings are less preppy, but no less cute!
Though they aren't featured here, J. Crew also has some cute ones available and they're very reasonably priced if you look at J. Crew Factory. I realize both of these other designers are not incredibly cheap, but they are good products and they use quality metal. Plus, sometimes it is worth investing in something you really like, or worth hoping for a sale!

Do you have any go-to statement earrings?


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