Sunday, October 6, 2013

PFormal and more!

Well this weekend was so much fun, but so busy. Seriously, this coffee is the only thing keeping me functioning right now. Since it was such a crazy weekend, I thought a picture post would be better than me telling you all about it. Enjoy!

Friday Night
Chi Omega Parents Formal at Farmington Country Club
L: Momma, Dad and I; R: best friends make the best dates. K-Soms & I
L: littles!; R: my best friend, my momma

I had to work a 5k...
and then Momma and I drove up to watch Kyle and Nate play in a club lacrosse tourney. It was so hot and I am pretty sure I melted. (I also got a sweet sock tan line...see above picture) Oh, and then I decided to go out with my friends when I got back to C-ville, hence the total exhaustion right now.
Sunday (today)
We had a mixer with Sigma Pi at King Family Vineyard to watch a polo match. I was so tired after the weekend, but I am glad my friend convinced me to come because it was an awesome end to the weekend.
stomping the divots...a polo tradition

And now I am sitting in the library attempting to get work done but procrastinating quite a bit...oh well, totally worth it for such an amazing weekend!



  1. Looks like you had quite an exciting weekend. Love the dress you wore to the polo grounds!


  2. I LOVE your dress.
    I can't wait to join a Greek chapter next semester!!

    - L

  3. gorgeous looks and you have such a cute style!