Saturday, October 19, 2013

22 by 22

HI! I'm 21 today!!!! I really wanted to do something for my 21st that would be meaningful to me and so I decided that I would take a page from Mackenzie Horan and do a list. Now mine is not quite as intense as her 101 in 1001, but I thought a 22 by 22 would be a good idea. Anyways, I am posting it here and later this week I will add a tab to the blog so that y'all can keep up with my progress.
turning 21 with some of my favorite ladies at Gold Cup

1. Get in Shape
2. Read 13 books just for fun
3. Feel like I've made a difference in my community
4. Manage money and balance my budget for the rest of the year
5. Hold a conversation in Spanish with a Native speaker
5. Learn to fly fish
7. Consign some old clothing (use money made towards #22)
8. Figure out my favorite "big girl" drink
9. Get a pajama set 
10. Develop a daily routine
11. Host a dinner party
12. Spend a Day Downtown (in DC)
13. Hike Old Rag (traumatic experience last time I did this when I was 12...)
14. Read Anna Karenina (it will happen one of these days)
15. Make 10 pinterest recipie dishes
16. Snail Mail Coorespondence
17. Make business cards
18. Blog 4 times/week
19. Raise $1000 for Relay for Life
20. Make an at-home face mask
21.Visit a friend at a different college
22. Put $10 in savings every time I check one off and then invest in something I love for my 22nd Birthday 

Do any of you have a list?


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  1. Happy Birthday! Loving this list! I might have to copy you when my 21st rolls around in February!