Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Easy Halloween Costumes

With Halloween a couple of days away, I guess I should figure out what I am going to wear. If you're a college freshman this year and you have never been out on Halloween (especially at UVA) get ready. Everyone and their mother gets dressed up to get messed up and it is a crazy weekend. Also, don't wear something you care about. Frat sludge (you know, the gunk on the floor) is gross, it is cold, and there's a good chance something will get spilled on you, plus, we're all broke and don't want to spend money on three different  costumes, right? Well, last year for one of my costumes I decided to channel my inner Slutty Pumpkin for one of the evenings and it turned out to be the easiest DIY costume, ever!
Here are all the things you could possibly need for a last minute costume that will cost you $5 or less, so you can have fun, look good, and still have money to buy a drink at the bar after you abandon that fraternity party...

1) Charlie Brown: Thanks to Meghan for the inspiration for this one. Just take a sharpie and draw a chevron line on a yellow shirt...wow that was easy.
2) Skeleton: Cut holes in the shirt that will leave strips of fabric to look like ribs and make sure you leave enough fabric at the center for a "backbone." Then, if you want, just apply some face paint...totally understandable if you're good just leaving it as a skeleton costume without face paint...who knows what that'll look like by the end of the night
3) Pumpkin: Cut a jack-o-lantern face in the orange shirt, wear a black cami, and add a green bow for your "stem" on top! Bonus points if you write "Slutty Pumpkin #HIMYM" on the back :P

If you want a slightly more official looking costume, I also recommend the Toddlers in Tiaras route, I did that last year and all you need is a tutu, tiara, and a sash...oh, and a binky if you want to be really official. Also, Duck Dynasty is an easy one for both ladies and gents, just make a fake beard with some felt and wear camo! You can also check out my DIY board on Pinterest for more inspiration!

What are you being for Halloween?


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  1. Ha, love it! Although I think I had either a snowsuit or rain coat over my costume for at least half the Halloweens of my childhood, lol