Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Glitter Me Gold

Last night while I was working on my homework, my computer decided to shut down on me and I took that as a sign that I was done with homework for the night. Instead, I broke out my craft boxes and got to work on a bit of crafting for my future little! I have so much stuff for my little, not even including what has yet to be crafted! One of the projects that I did last night was to glitter a mason jar.  It is amazing how glittering one or two things can result in my room being absolutely covered in glitter...I mean, I will be wearing if for a week.  There are a few ways to glitter things that I have tried and this was the first time I had done it this way.

Glitter Techniques:

  • glitter paint: this works best with glassware (i.e. wine glasses) and you dab it on using sponge brushes
  • modgepodge glitter mix: mix about 2 parts glitter and 1 part modgepodge together and just paint on. the modgepodge dries clear so all you can see is the glitter, this is the technique I used on my iPhone case and picture frames.
  • glitter on modgepodge: coat the surface in modgepodge and then pour glitter over it...this one needs a top coat because it is more likely to shed.

For this mason jar I used the third technique, except I glittered the inside because I want to be able to easily paint my little's monogram on one of the sides. I covered the inside of the jar in modgepodge, dumped glitter inside, covered it, shook it up, and then dumped out the extra. I am either going to put some fake flowers in it or use it as a pencil holder.

My basic, durable $20 Target case is now chic!

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for other crafts I can do for my little, I'd love to hear them! You can comment or email me at


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