Friday, January 25, 2013

Eskimo Kisses

So, right as I was putting the finishing touches on the rainy day post, it started to snow! I am hoping that writing this post while it is snowing will cause the weather pattern to take a turn for the warmer (fingers crossed!). It has been so cold here the last few days, like, "I have not left my house without my long Eddie Bauer down jacket" type of cold.
Cold in college is different than cold at home. For starters, some people venture to places that are way colder than where they used to live (I do NOT miss the weather from my old college), but most people just spend more time outdoors. There is a huge difference between leaving your heated car and making a mad dash for the school each morning and standing at a bus stop then walking to class. In college, you feel the cold more just because, it's inescapable.
Now all you little freshman, I am going to teach you how to avoid being easy to spot when this weather hits. BE PREPARED...every year there is a handful of freshman who end up basically being a walking billboard for the bookstore because they were not prepared for the weather and that is the only place that they could venture to without getting hypothermia.
First, jacket-wise, I go back and forth between a LL Bean Barn Coat, pea coat, my Eddie Bauer down jacket, and (for those warmer days) a down vest. There are tons of options out there though, Barbours, Carharts, etc., it's totally up to you and your preference/budget. Personally, i would kill for a Barbour, but I totally cannot afford it right now and my Barn Coat is pretty similar to it.

Secondly, wear good shoes. Buy bean boots and wellies. I don't care how "unique" you want to be, there is a reason that everyone is wearing them...they're the best. My friend actually just got a pair of boots that are really similar to bean boots for $25, so there is no excuse not to have them.  And if you don't want to have to buy bean boots and rain boots, get Hunter Wellies.  They are perfect for all weather and, if you throw on some Welly Socks, they're super toasty on a cold day.

Lastly, gloves and hats and scarves galore. They are your friend. There are even gloves with special tips so that you technology addicts can play on your iPhone without getting cold. Personally, I don't like hats too much (although my friend just knitted me THE CUTEST hat for christmas, so I wear that one) but I really like ear warmer bands. I have a couple from Target and I wear them all the time, plus that way if it falls out of my bag one day, it isn't the end of the world that I lost it. As for scarves, keeping your neck warm is SO important to surviving the cold, plus they can be super cute and (in my case) add a pop of color to the puffy black coat you're wearing.

Oh I almost forgot, learn to drink hot drinks. I don't care if it's coffee with 50 packs of sweetener, cider, tea, or whatever. If you have something warm to hold it makes the walk better, plus they taste so much better when they warm you up.
Thats all for now, although that last comment makes me want to do a post about my love of hot drinks and my Keurig...


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