Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rainy Day Blues

Okay, I have been planning this post for 5 days. I decided to do it in the middle of our rainy first week of class when I was slightly concerned I was going to have to start constructing an ark, but life got in the way and I didn't have time to finish it. Now that we have finished recruitment and have 43 beautiful little baby hooties, I am back to having a bit of free time.
Well, in the middle of the stormy week, my umbrella decided that it was going to break. This led me to look for new umbrellas (still don't have one because I forgot I have no money haha).
I feel like as much as I love cute, preppy umbrellas and how they pop against the grey sky, they just aren't that practical on a college campus. At my old school, it rained in circles so an umbrella would not protect you from anything, and at my new school the sidewalks are so dang crowded all the time that they get caught on each other and you end up late to class. I still carry an umbrella when it is absolutely pouring, in an attempt to keep my bag sheltered from the rain, but I don't like having to rely on it to keep me dry. 

Most of the time I just wear a rain jacket with a hood. Of course, the one I wear right now is from my 8th grade field trip to Yellowstone and I had to get a women's XL because it was the only one left in the store at the time, so I have been shopping around for a new one. I am obsessed with monogramming things (hey, I want people to know it's mine, not theirs) and therefore I love Marley Lilly (basically the mecca of monograms). They have a monogrammed Eddie Bauer rain coat that I am asking my dad for. Even if you don't like monograms there are tons of cute coats out there!

Also, rain boots are a must on a college campus. As beautiful as the the grounds of my school are, and they really are beautiful, there is simply too much concrete for the water to be absorbed and run off properly. Therefore, instead of trying to shimmy around and hop over the infinite number of puddles, you are better off just wearing your boots and trudging along. Quite frankly, I love trudging through the puddles and occasionally my inner five year-old comes out and I splash in them (when no one is around, obviously). I have two pairs of rain boots but I only bring one to school and those are my tried and true Hunter Wellies. I love these boots more than I thought it was possible to love rain boots. I have the shiny black ones and I have 4-5 pairs of Wellie socks that I wear with them to change it up. They are great as snow boots, rain boots, or for just when it's really cold and you want to wear fleece socks that come up to your knees. I see girls in them all around grounds and I love the bright boots too (coveting the Tiffany Blue or Bubblegum Pink ones right now).

Everything that I listed in this post comes in bright happy varieties that can make a rainy day less dull, and quite frankly a cute pair of Wellies and raincoat nix the leggings, sweatshirt, and messy ponytail that we all like to wear when the weather makes getting out of bed an impossible task. So, next time it rains, throw a little sunshine in your outfit, make your day better and splash in a puddle.


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