Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Working Girl's LBD

Okay, so the whole 2 job plus an internship thing may have been a bit much for one summer, but I am trying to make it work. I have so many little tricks and tips to share with y'all that I have picked up so far and I can't wait to post about them.
The first Working Girl tip I have is a perfect Why Buy This Wednesday. I am talking about the LBD, no, not a sexy cocktail number (though those are just as necessary) this is the work dress. The work LBD is the most crucial part of a wardrobe, right up there with the black (pencil) skirt. This dress is so easy to build off of and dress up or down. If you get the right fabric it is way more comfortable than any dress pant you'll ever own and keeps a feminine touch. Plus, these dresses are great to go right from work to happy hour!
Even if you aren't in the workforce, get this. It is crucial to have a business casual outfit (or two) in college, especially if your sorority has formal chapter every week like mine. Throw a cardigan, blazer, or nothing on over it and add a great necklace. The best part about this dress is that with accessories you can wear dozens of outfits without ever repeating. 
Personally, my go-to work LBD is quite old. It is actually from my freshman year of high school when my grandmama passed away. I chose it because it was something that I thought I would wear again, and boy was I right about that. Admittedly, it is getting a bit ratty and I know I am largely going to have to retire it (or get it some backup at least) soon. I featured some work LBDs here and while they may not seem like a super steal to some of you, if there is a dress worth the investment, it's this. Seriously though, mine is the perfect piece to transition from my office job to Talbots when I pull double shifts and I get compliments on the outfits all the time!
The dresses I chose here are all from Nordstrom because they have a great selection of styles. Seriously, I only featured a couple but they have pages of fabulous dresses like these!
Sleeveless Styles: Halogen Seamed Sheath Dress ($49.49) Chiffon Underlay Shift Dress ($139.00)
the dress I have is sleeveless and the biggest advantage of this is that it doesn't get too hot if you throw a cardigan on or bunch up. Most offices require some sort of sleeve, but adding a cardigan to get up to dress code is a way that you can change this look up so it's a win-win.
Cap Sleeve: Ruched Jersey Sheath Dress ($98.00) Pleated Fit & Flare Dress ($118.00)
Most of the dresses are either sleeveless or have longer sleeves, very few are a true traditional short sleeve because that tends to have a less formal look to it. The cap sleeve is perfect because it covers your shoulders enough that if you don't want a cardigan (dress code permitting), you don't need one. Also, the flowy skirt is a great piece for those days you go right from the office to happy hour!

Long(er) Sleeve: Twist Front Jersey Sheath Dress ($118.00)
Don't want to mess with a cardigan, but still want to rock your LBD? That is totally okay. There are several styles of dresses with longer sleeves that are appropriate for the office, just remember to add a necklace or bracelet for some color!

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