Monday, June 24, 2013

Monogram Monday: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

So in the spirit of finally getting to go to a regular season game yesterday and going to a single-a game on Wednesday, I decided to keep the baseball theme up for Monogram Monday. Have any of y'all seen monogrammed baseball hats? I am pretty much coveting one of these. Baseball hats are an integral part of lazy day outfits for me at school, plus I have to keep my face covered when I am in direct sun. Sure, I already have a collection of other hats, but this is so perfectly unique.
I am actually thinking of getting a navy one so that I can wear it to Yankees or Nationals games if I choose (though I have multiple hats for each team), but the bright colors are great too. As with several other Monogram Monday posts, I have a couple of different sources for these baseball hats. I include them all because The stitching, pricing, and shipping varies between them so I want to give you a few sources. Of course, if you check Etsy you will also find a ton of these caps!
As always, Marley Lilly delivers when it comes to monogrammed baseball hats. I already have a camo hat, but the monogrammed camo cap would be perfect for my sorority's annual "Rowdy Redneck" date function next semester!

If you prefer the circle block monogram (I know some initals look better in it), this is a great and super affordable place for that. I am loving the coral cap...such a great color!

I picked these hats because I love the leather strap on the back. I love little details like that and my long hair never seems to get along well with velcro closures.

Do any of you have a monogrammed baseball hat? 


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