Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Workout

Motivating myself to get back into shape is hard enough, but motivating myself when it's freezing cold outside is dang near impossible. Fortunately, I have a ton of free time this break, so I have some flexibility about where and when I workout. Over the summer, I loved taking my dog for walks at the lake near my house after work. It's about a 5 mile loop around the lake so it's not too long for either a walk or run. The only problem I'm facing now is that it's so cold out! I don't mind doing things outdoors or winter, but once I get chilled to the bone, I am absolutely done having fun and want nothing more than to find somewhere to defrost. One way that I put off the inevitable chill is by bundling up in some workout gear that is designed for the cold. I realize everyone has different preferences based on what type of exercise they're doing, but for walking/running with the dog, I like to wear basic cold weather running gear with one of my puffer vests to keep my core warm, especially at the lake where it can get a bit chillier by the water.
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