Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Five: Christmas Break Smiles

It's the first Friday Five of Winter Break and I am yet again blogging from the (semi)comfort of my floor while my dog is curled up at my side and SportsCenter is on the TV. I'm sure at some point I am going to get a little bored of doing nothing all day, but for now, it feels amazing. Last night Momma and I went to the Washington Ballet Nutcracker at Warner Theatre, an annual tradition of ours. If you're from the DC area, I highly recommend going. The whole show is America/DC-themed and it's a fun spin on a classic, seriously the battle with the rats is the revolutionary war and the nutcracker is George Washington, I love it!

One: Garth Brooks Performs "Mom"
Garth Brooks is one of my all-time favorite artists and my momma is my best friend so I knew I was going to love this song. It seriously brought a few tears to my eyes so definitely give it a listen...just maybe not in the office.

This looks absolutely amazing. I have never actually made hot chocolate from anything other than a premade mix, so I definitely want to try this. Also debating using it as a base for a hot chocolate float dessert. It would definitely be too rich for me, but whenever I make food and my brothers' friends are over, I can find at least one willing guinea pig.

The story is super cute on its own, but I just really love watching the little baby goat prancing around. True story, once when we were visiting one of my dad's client's ranches in Texas, I almost got to keep an orphan baby goat, but Bridget was not a big fan of that idea...darn.

As someone who runs a blog and is working on another business venture, I absolutely agree with this article. I believe that side gigs are important, but not only because it can provide a supplemental income. The experience I have gained and the pride I have because of this little business I have created is the real prize, in my opinion.

Well, the author could never actually ruin Love, Actually for me, but this article cracked me up. There are definitely some flaws in the story, but I don't watch it for its realistic feel. I mean, the American women in the bar absolutely crack me up every time. Also, there were two lines that I found particularly funny, so I hope that y'all find this as funny as sleep-deprived, post-finals Erin did. (if not, sorry)


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