Monday, August 12, 2013

What's In my Bag and Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Marian for winning the Lesportsac Suitcase!
Use it in good health, doll! Thank you to everyone who entered. I realize the rafflecopter was a bit messed up, luckily I got the entries exported to Excel and was able to add any emailed entries that way, as well as all the Instagram entries! In case anyone was worried about whether or not this was valid, not only did she win my excel/random number generator version, but she won according to Rafflecopter too!
I love getting to share awesome stuff with y'all, so on that note...if you don't already follow me on Instagram, do it. When I get to 1500 followers, I will be doing another giveaway, this time of one of my favorite things!
On the note of Lesportsac, I am absolutely enamored with my signature tote they sent me. I have people asking me all the time where I got it and they're shocked to know it's Lesportsac (also, disappointed they can't get one yet). It is the perfect tote for school and work. Seriously, I have been hauling it from place to place this summer, job to job. As I have mentioned before, I work 70 hours a yeah, I carry quite a bit of stuff. The bag is absolutely big enough to carry it all. An even bigger perk is that it is super cute and the material is practical for cleaning purposes. There are just enough pockets for convenience, but it is still open enough so that things don't disappear!
Okay, so here is my list of "Work Bag Goodies"

Wallet: Obviously this is a necessity. I have a zip-around Michael Kors that I love because when I just want to run into a store without my tote, I can put my phone in this. Of course, I have been and still am totally swooning over the Kate Spade wallets...just love all the colors!

Lunch and Snacks: Pack a lunch and snacks. It is so easy to walk down to the vending machine and get cheetos, but that hurts your wallet and figure. When you sit at a desk all day, you need to be more concious of what you eat, simple as that. I bring healthy food to munch on while working and make sure there is some good protein and carbs to keep me energized. 

Tervis or Camelbak: Hydrate people! Seriously, it is so important and it keeps your skin clear and body healthy. I bring my Tervis because I can fill it with coffee, juice, or water and keep refilling it. I also love my Camelbak though because I always seem to drink 10x the amount of water I otherwise do. There is just something addicting about that bottle!

Paper and Pen: As I have mentioned before, I am a straight OCD lady when it comes to to-do lists. I love making them and crossing items off. When I don't have this with me, I get so lost and confused!

Agenda: I keep a really tiny one in my work bag because basically all I write in it are my hours. I know it is important to keep track of your schedule, and like with a to-do list, tangibly writing it seems to make me remember it more!

Chargers: Having a phone or tablet die is the worst. Designate a charger and pair of headphones for this bag so that you never leave them behind ensuring a less painful 8 hour shift.

iPad: I love writing blog posts and lists in the notes section. It is so handy to have this since it acts as an eReader, game host, and notepad all in one.

Gum or Candy: Just bring a couple little things to pop in throughout the day in case you get a bad taste in your mouth or need a quick sugar jolt at 2:15.

Makeup Bag: This keeps deodorant, an extra necklace, perfume, and a face lotion for me. Since I work 2 jobs, I like washing my face and cleaning up a bit in between jobs. 

What is in your work bag? Any secrets or good ideas you've learned this summer?


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