Sunday, August 4, 2013

And They Call The Thing Rodeo

On Saturday, I crossed something off the bucket list. I went to a rodeo...finally. I should probably mention that since discovering the PBR (not the beer...Professional Bull Riding) circuit a few years ago, I've been hooked. Seriously, the adrenaline rush of a bull ride makes any other sport look like child's play. And of course, now that I've been to one, all I want to do is go to more. Oh, before I go any further, enter my giveaway. Seriously, it's awesome, and I may be throwing in an extra present for whoever wins ;)
We went to the J bar W Ranch in Union Bridge, MD to see this round of "Battle of the Beast" and of course we saw some great bull riding, but we also saw several other standard rodeo events that were exciting as well. The night kicked off with the first round (each rider got 2 bulls) of bull riding,many let me tell you these were some pissed off bulls, rivaling some I've seen in PBR events on TV. Also, I would really like to be a professional Bull-Namer, seriously "Wicked Pickle" trumps an OPI color name any day. 
After all the riders got their attempt at an 8-second ride, the Barrel Racers came on. These cowgirls can ride! They had some of the prettiest horses I've ever seen and crazy skills. At this point, my brothers and I decided to get some food...
Yeah, I didn't earn the nickname "grace" for nothing. As we are walking down the bleachers, I lose my footing in a spectacular wipeout. Oh, did I mention that I was wearing a dress and Jack Rogers (hey, I was excited and wanted to dress sue me), because I was and therefore my primary concern wasn't my safety, but what shred of dignity I may have left. So I bit it big time, and, as my momma put it "not everybody turned, but almost everybody," and then gathered myself as quickly as I could and boot-scooted away answering the chorus of "oh my gosh are you okay?" with a thumbs up. Why didn't my brothers help me? Oh, they'd deserted the scene as fast as humanly possible...thanks, jerks ;) 
Bull Hockey!
Now, how could they possibly trump bull riding? With bull hockey of course! Yeah, that's right 4 guys volunteered to go into the ring (2 on each team) and try to get the puck through their goal as many times as they could in 90 seconds. Oh, did I mention the "puck" is a BULL?!?! Yeah, it was insane and way too entertaining and of course now K&N want to do it too. 
Then the bull riding resumed, and we continued to enjoy ourselves and this spectacle. As the night began winding down and we were totally exhausted from a day of shopping and rodeo-watching, the winner of the 50/50 raffle was announced...and I WON! Yep, I won $403...I consider it payment for total humiliation. The cause they were raising money for was a woman's breast cancer treatment so I have committed to donating $100 of it to Relay For Life this year. 
Overall, I had the time of my life and want to go back as soon as possible (August 17?). As much as I have enjoyed becoming a fan of PBR events, nothing trumps seeing it first hand. Plus, you can't really appreciate the visual of a bull literally being pulled off all 4 feet and dragged through the air as its dragged to the holding pen on a TV. 
Any other rodeo fans out there? 


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