Friday, August 9, 2013

Apartment Style: Hall of Mirrors

Welcome to Apartment Style Part 2! Last night I took a trip to IKEA with my Momma and stocked up on some more apartment essentials. Tomorrow we are C-ville bound to build my walk-in closet...too excited!!!
While my room is big and has a lot of natural light, I know that most rooms aren't. Last year my dorm room came equipt with one dim light and a pathetic excuse for a window. At night the cinderblock walls and dim lighting made it look more like a cell than a dorm room and that is just no fun to come home to. Well, have no fear because there is a great way to combat that...with mirrors. On that note, click on this link to have a little JT serenade while you enjoy this post ;)
okay, not this extreme...
Mirrors reflect a ton of light and give a small space the illusion of being bigger. There are so many different ways to incorporate mirrors into your apartment, all you have to do is search a little. Obviously a full-length mirror is ideal to pick out outfits every day, but there are also cute mirrors that add a little bit of fun to a space and contribute to the open and bright atmosphere you're looking for. 
who needs a headboard when you can do this? makes the bed bright and happy and gives it some personality!

If you have room to do this, do it. Seriously I love these big mirrors. I think they look great hanging or just propped up. They add a great amount of light and with an interesting frame they become a great focal point of the room.
This mirror has great character and is a good size to still be useful. I saw this yesterday and if I didn't already have a couple little mirrors from Target, this would definitely be on my list. 
Well this totally adorable. What a cute take on a gallery wall. While my gallery wall isn't going to look like this, this makes me want to throw one or two into my gallery scheme.



  1. Mirrors are so great for decorating, plus what girl doesn't like to look at

    Good luck with moving!

    1. haha i seriously debated adding a carly simon quote to this post for that reason...might just have to do it :D
      thanks doll!

  2. I love the mirrors in the gallery wall! That looks so cute! I go back to school next week, so I'm finishing up all of my decorations as we speak!

    1. so exciting! good luck finishing the decorations! it never seems to end haha