Friday, August 16, 2013

Fashion Friday: Work Horse Summer

It is finally Friday, and not just any Friday...LAST DAY OF WORK FRIDAY! Yes, today is the last of my double shift days...the dog days of summer are over and I am off to Charlottesville on Sunday. Seriously, I am beyond excited to be done with work and have made the money I did. It is so nice to know that I can afford food and books! Of course, thanks to the J. Crew Factory Sale and the screwup with that, my bank account looks less attractive, but moving on...
I decided this summer to take a break from Fashion Friday because there was a lot of re-wearing of outfits. Since I am done, and since I really did love some of the outfits I shared on Instagram, I decided to compile some of my favorites.
First Day of Work
love this dress and the starfish accessories. Starfish are such a perfect addition to any summer wardrobe and I have even been known to take them out in the winter. 
dress: Lilly Pulitzer // bracelet: Fornash // shoes: Steve Madden // nail polish: Essie

Navy Pants
These pants were basically my savior this summer. They're super comfortable and well within any dress code. I wish I had another pair like this...maybe next summer!
cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft // pants: H&M // shoes: Target // earrings: J. Crew Factory

Minty Fresh
I got this cardigan over spring break and am seriously debating a fall color in it. Does anyone have the fall ones? Seriously, these rock and I loved popping this color with the super neutral white.
cardigan: J. Crew // pants: Talbots // shoes: Jack Rogers // necklace: Fornash // nail polish: Essie "Geranium"

I love gingham, stripes, and polka dots. This summer, working in an office, solidified that because they're totally acceptable prints for the office! Also, these flats? J. Crew Factory, give me all of them...please
top: J. Crew // pants: H&M // shoes: J. Crew // bracelet: C. Wonder

Canadian Tuxedo
This is as close as I get to a Canadian Tuxedo. I loved this outfit and these shoes are just to die for. I got them on sale at C. Wonder and wish I'd bought all the pairs they have!
top: Old Navy // pants: Talbots // shoes: C. Wonder // bag: Lesportsac // bracelet: C. Wonder

What were your favorite summer outfits?


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  1. Hey girl, I'm a big fan of your blog and wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Leibster Award!