Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Cup O' Joe

I am a coffee addict. There is no denying it. I need my coffee in the morning, I accept my weakness and move on. Some of you say it's unhealthy...clearly this is because you haven't seen me try to function without the stuff. Sure, I try to wean myself off it a bit around finals (caffeine increases stress), but the rest of the year is all about starting the morning off with a cup of joe. 
In college, I tend to take my coffee on the go with me (sometimes it's my second cup, but who's counting). I have collected quite a few mugs over the years, though my go-to is definitely my 2013 Spring Training Tervis (or my Margaritaville one for the double-dose days). I try to avoid getting a cup at Starbucks if I can, especially for regular coffee. Plus, if you use your cup, you get a discount! So save the environment a bit and grab one of these chic mugs to tote your beverage around in.

These things rock. They're perfect for hot or cold beverages, come in several sizes and all sorts of patterns. I have both a regular and large Tervis and I alternate depending on what I'm drinking. Oh, and you can also get these monogrammed...double win!

I mean, I had to include Lilly. It's cute and functional. Basically it takes all of my self-restraint not to buy one of these cute mugs. 

You need one of these. No, I'm serious. Magnolia Lane mugs don't mess around with size, it's like drinking a fishbowl of coffee. I have a Virginia Tech one at home (I went there freshman year, don't judge) and it is my favorite mug hands down. Also, Magnolia Lane creates so many other adorable ceramic goodies, perfect for any hostess or birthday gift!

I love the happy and colorful mugs from Pier 1. My big gave me one of these giraffe mugs in one of my baskets during big sis week and it's my favorite at school. I sometimes race drinking my coffee down so the giraffe doesn't drown...yeah, I'm five, it's whatever.
Back to a travel mug here with a super tightly sealed mug. Seriously, these things are amazing. I had one in High School that could easily keep my coffee hot for half the day as I sipped on it throughout the morning (you know, before I was a true addict).

What's your favorite coffee mug? Are there any other awesome travel mugs I missed?


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